Thursday, March 13, 2014


Don't know if I've ever told you, but I miss home.... Soon. Hopefully, soon. It isn't about nostalgia. Its about the beauty and all of the amazing things you experience when you are there. Where I live now is an amazing place- I'm considering settling down here because of simplicity and the small hometown feel. 
That's the total opposite of where I'm from- its lively- there is always something to do - lights, cameras- ACTIVITY!! It all happens- AT ONCE! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Call it my old age, but its great to sit on my porch sometimes and just be. If you look back at a post entry I made a couple years ago, I talked about places that I live and where I like to sit and stare. My porch in NC is a great place to just do that. 
But then I have moments like this where I just want to see a sunset, feel ocean spray, jaunt downtown, eat real Mexican food, surf in the morning to start my day, or stand in my parent's front yard and see the coast and a priceless view of Los Angeles.