Sunday, January 27, 2013

Over the Shoulder (The left one this time!!)

Honestly, this has been the best 7 months of my life.....
The girls came to me from some pretty awful circumstances and we are in month 7 of Team Mofu Version 2.0. This shot of us at Justin Bieber last month shows not happiness but pure JOY on the face I my two brides. I don't know if I give them everything they want and need, but I'm trying hard.
It's been interesting to be alone. I've been able to look at my objectively and see if and where I need to make changes to myself. I realize that I do and hope that I can make the changes I need. What scares me the most at starting over with changes circumstances in the home is being penalized for being 37 and for having two children. Who in their right mind will want that? Sometime soon I will have to realize that this can and will be a constraint if and when I pursue relationships. This isn't a bad thing, this means that I'm look inward and constantly developing- I'm no longer in stasis.
Professionally, I've learned that I'm ok retiring out of here and contributing to local and state government. If the Public Policy stuff works out, then I'll move to DC. But I'm looking at retiring in 5 years and it feels pretty nice.

Nite- originally posted in February...

I want to retire out if here, but The Lord has something new for us in Provo this fall. Leaving here is going to be hard; the memories, friends, and relationship I made here were incredible to learn and grow from. I do not want the day we leave on a train to come quickly. It's going to be a painful day.

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