Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The beauty about working in a multi-national headquarters is that you get to enjoy the companionship of soldiers form around the world. I have an Australian boss and teammates from the UK, The Netherlands, Romania, and Canada. Whats fascinating is what brings men in my shop together at 9:30AM on British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS)- in shape women “working out” on the beaches of Australia. For 30 minutes men break from their computers and watch women stretch, pose, and attempt to break a sweat. Most of the time we laugh at how this made money over 6 season in Australia, but whats fascinating is that you continually break from you computer screen and look at the TV. It literally degrades the effectiveness of a staff section. 
This isn’t lust, this is a glimpse of the small things that make life interesting when dealing with the hustle of developing security, governance, and development in a country thats been at war fro thirty years. Friends, its 9:30 and I’m off.... 

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