Friday, June 29, 2012



It’s a Friday night and I’ve opted to stay inside and clean. I’ve made some progress on finding a place in an area where the girls can get a good education. I thought about this in Kandahar and have the time to do it now….

Below are the top 15 songs I played on my Itunes (in order of how many times were played) over the last 10 months, with a short ditty of each…. Enjoy or at least try to absorb it as best you can….

1.     INCUBUS: “Thieves”… 86 plays! This is a catchy one. Its smooth and has a catchy lay to it. The band makes incredible music and lyrically they are on par and sometimes better than my man John Mayer.  I hate politics pushed by musicians, and this song does it. I’m in love with Brandon Boyd’s mind so the music and some of the lyrics grew on me- although I don’t agree with all of what he says in the track.  

2.     PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS: “Time to Rock Our Shi$” 80 times played- I don’t know if the lyrics are mindless, but the beat sounded awesome. I don’t know if the song caught me at the right time, but my head bobbed and it kept my busy. The other plus to this band is that the two MCs are near my hometown back in LA…

3.     THE ROOTS: “One Time” 72 plays… I love this band. My conservative friends who can only handle one black friend at a time HAVE to look at these hip hop artists for what they are- the anti-thesis of rap music- THEY PLAY THEIR OWN INSTRUMENTS!!! This isn’t their best work, but I enjoyed the melody. I played this a lot before leave- probably the darkest part of the deployment.

4.     SMASHING PUMPKINS: “Apples and Oranjes” 56 plays. I used to play Pumpkins all the time when I was in college. This track is a different turn for these guys, but the lyrics are incredible. It takes me back to decisions…. I ask that you give it a whirl. The tune is catchy as well…

5.     AMUESEMENT PARKS ON FIRE: “At The Last Night” 55 plays. This isn’t one of their best songs and I don’t know why this got played more than “A Star is Born” (my personal favorite). Its playing right now as I write and it just doesn’t fit. Maybe I played it so much so I could space out.

6.     BON IVER: “Perth”. 53 plays. I caught this band while waiting for a train in Raleigh- there were some great memories from that weekend, but the song and lyrics I can never get tired of. I expect that song to stay on my playlists for years. “Still alive for you”….

7.     THE DOOBIE BROTHERS. 53 plays…. This song is epic. It brings back memories to my childhood. But the other attachment I have to it are my two little girls. I played it for them last spring and they fell in love with it. I can play it now and can get R to dance…. This is pure music with the soul of Michael McDonald.

8.     FUGAZI: 48 plays…. I used to listen to this and Metallica’s “One” before games. It was a weird ritual- douse myself in Bengay- lie naked on my bed and think through the game. It calmed me and I was centered. Back to the song… classic baseline, rage with containment, and intelligible lyrics. Thank you Ian McKay…

9.     KATY PERRY: 46 plays…. I don’t know how this got here. Maybe I was dreaming back to being on leave in CA. Don’t hate me for this…..

10.  JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY: 44 plays.. As a guy that’s been a country fan for about 14 years, this is the first in the list and it came last! I would stream country music radio from the states so I didn’t discount my love for country music. Catchy tune, but when you’re really in love with someone you love them forever- even when they cant be yours…..

This is raw- no editing , so if this doesn’t make sense… screw you. This time its about MY thoughts…. And MY music….

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