Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Into the Sea

When I was younger I used to hate riding in the car with my dad. He would ALWAYS play classical music and this a news radio station called KNX 1070. Two things came of it- my love for Claude DeBussy and news radio.
My favorite Claude Debussy song is Clair de Lune, but in 1999 Trent Reznor used La Mer and turned it into a dark melodic track- one that sticks with me today. I don't know why it does, but it does. Something happened yesterday that reminded me of oceans....
  “Et il est un jour arrivé
   Marteler le ciel
   Et marteler la mer
   Et la mer avait embrassé moi
   Et la délivré moi de ma caille
   Rien ne peut m'arrêter maintenant”

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