Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brick Windows

I have had moments where I would stare out of windows and think. It really started in college and has carried its way until I left Virginia. Windows were a moment of solace, a time to think, evaluate, and ponder. Over time I saw windows as a means to see inside me and to let folks know where my mind was going.
Windows allow you to understand people. They open up friendships, they allow love to develop, they make you transparent, and ultimately it is a means to see your soul. 
Experiences often build the mortar that closes windows; seals your soul, and who you are from people you love and care about. Over time jumping over the bricks becomes tiresome and it hurts. There isn't the strength to vault anymore. So you sit in front of the walls and pound your fist trying to get in, but you cant. So you wait... Wait.. and wait. But you cant anymore. The brick windows won and the person that you once knew cant let you in. Friendships fail, love wanes, and what you once had is gone. 

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