Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Over the Shoulder

I have playing on iTunes "Plume" by Filter. I haven't dug into the lyrics like I do with most music I listen to, but every since I bought it a few months ago its been on the playlist. Great melody, Richard Patrick has a way with guitars thats mesmerizing.

This has been a trying year- ups and downs with a few bright spots. Int he next few days I'll take a look back before I land in North Carolina. Soon I'll have the opportunity to sit by myself and start a new chapter in this discourse.

I could lie and say it was quick, but it wasn't. I remember chunks- Discovery, Excitement, Disappointment, Growth, Crush, Still, Awake, Moving, Surprised. Stages throughout this deployment that describe segments of time. Segments that I may go into later on but right now as I sit in my room for the last night, those are the blocks.

I learned a lot. I learned about love. I learned about backing off. I learned about patience. I learned about strength. I learned about time. I learned to be appreciative. I learned "nice". I learned friendship. I relearned sensitivity. I relearned Ayn Rand. I studied callousness. I saw maturity. I toyed with uncertainty. I learned about the Spirit. I learned about Him. I learned about me. I changed my parenting. I'm reevaluating my next spouse. I heard somberness. I relived pain. I realize that I still need to grow.

Thats the cursory look

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