Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Humor During Stress

Inside Tim Horton's.....

I frequent a Canadian donut shop called Tim Horton’s. I like it because the Canadians are awesome people and tend to treat you like a human being. Canadians are almost like Europeans and after spending five years living in Europe, its a breath of fresh air.
Working on a General Staff means long hours and infrequent bouts of combat with the dude who shoots 107m rockets at us. You never know when or where they will hit, so when the alarm goes off you wonder who he might injure or kill (if he’s lucky). 
After a rocket attack I went to Tim Horton’s for a donut and hot chocolate (yes, in the dry desert) and whilst waiting in line ran into the bumper sticker above. I find it funny; its an advertisement for a rugby club. If you know rugby football, you know its far from a petting sport. I chuckled and realized that even the small things make life fun even when men who launch 107mm rockets at you from a few miles away revile in taking your life.
Live, laugh, love no matter what.

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